Healing Hands, Advancing Health

School of Medical & Allied Sciences

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Healing Hands, Advancing Health
Shaping Future Healthcare Leaders

Welcome to the School of Medical and Allied Sciences, where your journey towards a rewarding career in healthcare begins!

The School of Medical and Allied Sciences (SMAS) is committed to delivering comprehensive education and training across a spectrum of healthcare disciplines. SMAS offers Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes in different fields of medical & allied sciences. With our esteemed faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and immersive learning opportunities, we are instrumental in nurturing the future generation of healthcare practitioners. Our focus is on empowering students with the requisite knowledge, skills, and ethical principles to deliver top-tier care and drive progress in global healthcare standards.

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The School of Medical & Allied Sciences (SMAS), where knowledge meets compassion, and healthcare meets innovation. At SMAS, we’re committed to training the next generation of healthcare professionals who will bring positive change to the medical field. Our dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and hands-on learning experiences ensure that our students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities in healthcare.

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The traditional medical education often relies heavily on theory, the School of Medical & Allied Sciences (SMAS) stands out as a beacon of practical excellence. We prioritize hands-on learning, providing students with well-equipped labs and state-of-the-art facilities to apply their knowledge.

Unlike conventional approaches, our graduates not only possess a strong theoretical foundation but also the essential clinical skills and empathy needed to excel in the healthcare field. At SMAS, we produce healthcare professionals who are not just knowledgeable but compassionate and ready to make a meaningful impact on patient care.

School of Medical and Allied Sciences
is Not Your Ordinary Medical School

Traditional College

  • Curriculum Design:

  • Faculty:

  • Teaching Methodology:

  • Innovation Ecosystem:

  • Success Metrics:

  • Holistic Development:

  • Global Opportunities:


  • Regular PCI prescribed syllabus

  • Academicians

  • Traditional lecture

  • Limited infrastructure & facilities

  • Number of Placements

  • Academic oriented

  • Not explored


  • PCI prescribed syllabus with LOCF Approach

  • Industrial Mentors, Seasoned Professionals, Research Leaders, Educational Guides

  • Experiential Learning, Problem based learning, Participatory Learning

  • Innovative incubators, Funding Support

  • Research impact, entrepreneurial success, Alumni Satisfaction

  • Academic excellence, Mentorship & Support, Creativity & Innovation
  • International Research Collaborations, Student Exchange Programmes, Global conferences & Competitions



Discover what our satisfied students and alumni have to say about their transformative experiences at KRMU

Chander Singh


My experience with B.Pharm has opened my eyes," I said. At school, we covered technical aspects of drug development and pharmacology, but we also stressed the ethical obligations associated with practicing pharmacy. Patient care exposure throughout our internships demonstrated our role in the healthcare industry. With this program, I hope to improve people's lives by putting all I've learned to use."

Nidhi Bansal


"My B.Pharm career has been illuminating because it has skillfully combined theoretical knowledge with practical experience." The well-thought-out course and my committed lecturers gave me a strong foundation in pharmaceutical sciences. I became more technically proficient and more confident that I wanted to succeed in the fast-paced pharmacy sector thanks to my practical experience in the lab or internship."



My experience as a student in the Bachelor of Physiotherapy programme has been immensely rewarding. The curriculum has remained current and relevant because of the programme dedication to evidence-based practice and incorporation of the most recent physiotherapy research.



The Bachelor of Physiotherapy programme has been a rewarding and difficult experience. I'm ready to be a skilled and compassionate physiotherapist because the programme emphasis on therapeutic approaches, practical skills, and patient engagement.

Know our
Dean’s vision


Welcome to the School of Medical
& Allied Sciences!

As the Dean of the School of Medical & Allied Sciences at K.R. Mangalam University, I proudly introduce our institution as a leader in pharmaceutical education and research. We aim to equip future pharmacists with industry-relevant skills while instilling values of ethics and social responsibility. Our vision fosters innovation and excellence through strategic partnerships, driving cutting-edge research to address healthcare challenges. We prioritize holistic development, emphasizing character and service-oriented attitudes alongside academic excellence. Committed to continuous improvement, we empower students for diverse career paths, ensuring they emerge as leaders in the field, contributing meaningfully to global health.

Dr. Hema Chaudhary

Dean – Medical & Allied Sciences

Faculty at SMAS

  • Dr. Meena Bhandari

    Ph.D. (Chemistry)

    Associate Professor & Dean

  • Mr. Yash Jasoria

    Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics)

    Professor & Dean

  • Prof. Manoj M. Gadewar

    PhD- IIT


  • Dr. Sucheta

    Ph.D, & M.Pharm, B.Pharm

    Associate Professor


The events organized by the School of Medical and Allied Sciences serve as dynamic platforms where professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts converge to share groundbreaking discoveries, exchange knowledge, and foster collaborations.


Bridging Science and Tradition with our Pharmacognosy Lab

Central Instrumentation Facility

Where Science Meets Discovery: Step into Our Physiology Lab

Get the opportunity to work in our well-equipped Environmental Sciences Lab

Empowering innovation with our Central Instrumentation Facility Lab

Exceptional Library with a vast collection of influential books

Students-focused Hostels with premium amenities

State-of-the-art sports facilities to foster physical excellence

Specially designed smart classrooms

Advanced computer labs equipped with the latest computing systems

Serve yourself healthy food in our excellent cafeteria

Get specialised training and in-depth knowledge of advanced diagnostic techniques

Learn various disciplines of pharm and chemistry at Pharm Chemistry Lab I

Learn a practical understanding of creating chemical entities into medicines at Pharmaceutics Lab

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