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Where Education Meets Innovation
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Welcome to our School of Education (SOED), a place where the seeds of knowledge are sown, nurtured, and grown. The school is committed to shaping the future of education through innovative pedagogies and a strong foundation in theory and practice. Our esteemed faculty members are dedicated to cultivating a passion for teaching in our students, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in the field. As a part of our university’s diverse academic ecosystem, SOED prepares educators to embrace the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s classrooms.

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At the School of Education (SOED), we’re dedicated to fostering the next generation of educators who will inspire and lead in a rapidly evolving educational landscape. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond traditional boundaries, with a focus on experiential learning, research, and community engagement.

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In a world where traditional education colleges adhere to conventional teaching methods; the School of Education (SOED) stands as a beacon of innovation. At SOED, we prioritize experiential learning, cutting-edge research, and a dynamic faculty that bridges theory and practice. Unlike the status quo, we empower our students with hands-on experiences, fostering adaptability and critical thinking.

Our commitment to modern pedagogies ensures that our graduates are not just educators but catalysts for educational evolution, equipped to excel in the ever-changing landscape of teaching and learning.

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Traditional College

  • Curriculum Design:

  • Faculty:

  • Teaching Methodology:

  • Innovation Ecosystem:

  • Success Metrics:

  • Holistic Development:

  • Global Opportunities:

Traditional College

  • Conventional and established curriculum

  • Academic faculty

  • Theoretical and lecture-based

  • Limited focus

  • Academic achievement and placements

  • Academic Development

  • Less integrated into the curriculum and project work


  • Multidisciplinary Curriculum adapted to evolving industry needs

  • Diverse academic expertise, industry, and research experience

  • Experiential and Interactive

  • Enhanced focus on creativity, research, and entrepreneurship

  • Personal growth, leadership, and real-world application of knowledge

  • Academic prowess research, soft skills, and character.

  • Collaborative projects and globally relevant curriculum



Discover what our satisfied students and alumni have to say about their transformative experiences at KRMU

Naina Sharma


I am incredibly appreciative of the enlightening and life-changing experience the K.R. Mangalam University Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.) programme has given me. My decision to pursue my teacher education at this particular university has turned out to be one that has shaped both my professional and personal identities.

Ramanpreet Kaur


K.R. Mangalam University's cutting-edge facilities, which include well-appointed classrooms and instructional materials, have produced the perfect learning atmosphere. The collaborative environment between instructors and students has facilitated the growth of a community that is encouraging and supportive of further education and career advancement.

Amrita Kaur


It gives me great pleasure to convey my appreciation and talk about my wonderful experience as a K.R. Mangalam University Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) student. My experience in this programme has been nothing short of transforming; it has given me the inspiration, knowledge, and abilities I need to start a fulfilling career in education.

Jaya Kwatra


The B.Ed. programme at K.R. Mangalam is carefully planned, balancing theoretical knowledge with real-world practice. I now have a thorough understanding of educational theories, pedagogical techniques, and the significance of creating a learner-centric environment thanks to the wide range of subjects that have been covered.

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Welcome to the School of Education!

The School of Education (SOED) is dedicated to preparing passionate educators, leaders, and scholars who are committed to transforming lives and making a positive impact on society through offering a comprehensive range of programmes. We believe in the power of education to create opportunities, foster innovation, and promote social justice. Our outcome-based curriculum emphasizes evidence-based practices, hands-on learning experiences, and collaboration with schools and communities to ensure that our graduates are well-prepared to address the challenges and opportunities in today’s educational landscape.
We are proud of our accomplished faculty members who are not only dedicated educators but also active researchers, advocates, and leaders in their respective fields.
I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our programmes, faculty members, research, community partnerships, and upcoming events. Whether you are considering joining us as a student, collaborating on research initiatives, or engaging in professional development opportunities, we welcome you to be part of the School of Education.
Together, let us inspire, innovate, and empower the next generation of educators and leaders who will shape the future of education and society.

Dr. Tania Gupta

Professor & Dean

Faculty at SOED

  • Dr. Tania Gupta

    Ph.D. (Education)

    Professor & Dean

  • Dr. Prakash Chandra Jena

    Ph.D. (Edu.), M.Phil. (Edu)


  • Dr. Kanchan Khatreja

    Ph.D. in (Education)

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Anshul Saluja

    Ph.D. & M.Phil.

    Assistant Professor


The School of Education hosts a myriad of enriching events throughout the academic year, fostering a vibrant and collaborative community of educators. From annual conferences that bring together renowned experts in the field to interactive workshops led by seasoned educators, these events provide a platform for knowledge exchange and professional development.

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