(HR/Marketing/ Finance/ IB/ Travel and Tourism/ Business Analytics/ IT/ Entrepreneurship/ Operations Management) with academic support of IBM

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    The MBA programme at K.R. Mangalam University offers specialized tracks to cater to diverse career aspirations. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of specializations including HR, Marketing, Finance, IB, Travel and Tourism, Operation Management, IT, entrepreneurship and Business Analytics. Each specialization is meticulously designed to equip students with industry-relevant skills and knowledge, preparing them to excel in their chosen fields. The MBA programme tends to provide the expertise and resources to help students achieve their professional and personal goals.

    Programme Highlights

    • The curriculum is specifically designed in consultation with Industry Experts
    • The curriculum integrates real-world industry practices and includes faculty from major corporations such as IBM.
    • Regular Industry visits, conferences, and engagement in live-projects
    • Focus on providing an edge with the latest technologies that are in line with the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
    • Students acquire experience with key industry tools like SAS, Tableau, and R, preparing them for technical roles in business analytics.
    • Entrepreneurship and Incubation Center and Design Thinking Lab, designed to nurture innovative startup ideas
    • The programme strongly emphasises students developing entrepreneurial skills and business management expertise.
    • Attend Live Projects with multiple well-known companies for experiential learning.
    • Global Exposure: International paid visit to attend 2 weeks of summer school at a Prestigious European university
    • Internship and Placement opportunities in leading companies.

    Learn with Imarticus Learning

    IBM provides a competitive edge to our students to explore, learn and practice with the finest professionals and experts from IBM who strives to pave the right way for student entrepreneurs to help them excel and emerge as noted entrepreneurs.

    Harness the power of predictive analytics to anticipate market trends and make informed strategic decisions.

    Utilize data-driven approaches in human resources analysis, optimizing talent management strategies for organizational success.

    Earn digital badges, certifications, and globally recognized credentials from IBM, showcasing your expertise to potential employers.

    Unlocking the Gateway to

    Business Innovation

    The MBA programme curriculum is tailored to reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of the business environment. With a mix of foundational business principles and cutting-edge technological perspectives, each specialization – HR, Marketing, Finance, IB, Travel and Tourism, Operation Management, IT, Entrepreneurship, and Business Analytics offers a comprehensive and forward-looking educational experience. Our curriculum ensures that students are equipped to navigate the complexities of modern business with confidence and adaptability.

    Programme Structure

    Semester 1
    Semester 2
    • Cyber Law and Governance
    • Information Technology in Business
    • Statistical Approach to Business Problems
    • Economic Analysis for Business
    • Accounting for Management
    • Innovation and Design Thinking
    • People's Behaviour in an Organisation
    • Managing Marketing Operations
    • Business Communication Skills-I
    • Minor Project
    • Financial Management using Visualization and Excel
    • Research Methodology for Modern Business
    • Creating and Retaining Motivated Work force
    • Enhancinhg Productivity through Operations Management
    • Creating an Entreprenurial Mindset
    • Decision Science Applications in Business
    • Challenges of Business Environment
    • Global Business Operations
    • Business Communication Skills-II
    • Minor Project
    • Summer Internship
    Semester 3
    Semester 4
    • Summer Internship Project Report
    • Business Sustainability, Governance and Ethics
    • Specialisation-I Elective-I
    • Specialisation-I Elective-II
    • Specialisation-I Elective-III
    • Specialisation-I Elective-IV
    • Specialisation-II Elective-I
    • Specialisation-II Elective-II
    • Specialisation-II Elective-III
    • Business Communication Skills-III
    • Dissertation
    • Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management
    • Specialisation-I Elective-V
    • Specialisation-I Elective-VI
    • Specialisation-I Elective-VII
    • Specialisation-II Elective-IV
    • Specialisation-II Elective-V
    • Specialisation-II Elective-VI
    • Specialisation-II Elective-VII

    Connecting Talent to Dream Careers

    At KRMU, we are proud to collaborate with leading global corporations such as IBM, Deloitte, Mahindra, CitiBank, and ICICI Bank, which play a vital role in our campus recruitment efforts for the MBA programme. These partnerships not only enhance our academic excellence but also open up diverse career opportunities for our graduates in the world of business and finance.

    Campus Recruiters
    Placement Assistance
    Highest Package

    Career Options

    Our MBA programme offers a gateway to a diverse range of exciting career opportunities in the business world. Graduates from this programme are thoroughly equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in various dynamic sectors. Below, we outline five key career paths, while acknowledging the plethora of other exciting opportunities available:

    • Business Consultant: Excel in crafting strategic solutions and providing expert advice to drive business growth and performance.
    • Financial Analyst: Specialize in analyzing financial data to guide investment decisions and corporate financial strategies.
    • Marketing Manager: Lead in creating and implementing innovative marketing strategies that drive brand growth and market presence.
    • Human Resources Manager: Master the art of managing and optimizing an organization’s human capital for enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction.
    • Operations Manager: Drive operational excellence by overseeing, designing, and enhancing business processes for efficiency and effectiveness.

    Hear straight from our Students


    The MBA programme with academic support from IBM at K.R. Mangalam University has been a transformative experience. It's not only giving me a robust skill set, but also training my mind to be adaptable, innovative and able to take on the challenges of business. I'm sure that the knowledge and experience gained here will be a solid basis for my future endeavours.


    My perspective has been significantly influenced by my exposure to IBM's global network. Thanks to IBM's Guest Lectures, Workshops, and Industry Relations, I was able to interact with experienced professionals, gaining valuable insight into the current business situation and future trends.


    With IBM's assistance, the K.R. Mangalam University faculty infuses the classroom with a wealth of industry insights and expertise. In addition to improving my theoretical understanding, the practical approach to learning which includes case studies and practical projects has better prepared me to handle the demands of the business world.


    With IBM's well-known knowledge and K.R. Mangalam University's dedication to excellence, a vibrant and cutting-edge learning environment has been created. My understanding of business and management has expanded thanks to the programmes emphasis on practical application and IBM's state-of-the-art technology. Along with keeping us informed about industry developments, the inclusion of IBM resources in our curriculum gave us real-world experience that makes us employable in the fast-paced business world of today.


    • Multi-disciplinary knowledge

      The Management programme is designed to develop the conceptual and practical skills of the students to select their professional career from a number of options available in the market. It delivers professional in Management- both Profit and Non-Profit Organization, industry openings in the stream of Marketing, Finance, IB, HR, IT, Operations, Business Analytics, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship, PSUs and Civil Services etc.


    • Conceptual and practical skills

      The programme enables the students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills required for organizing and carrying out entrepreneurial activities, to develop the ability of analyzing and understanding business situations in which entrepreneurs act and to master the knowledge necessary to plan entrepreneurial activities.


    • Employability

      The Management programme aims to develop students' intellectual pursuit of knowledge of various management methods and processes in every area of activity. So, the students can equip with knowledge, skills and attitude to become more employable for the present and emerging job market.


    • Complex Global Business Environment

      The Management Programme aims to develop students into leaders ready to tackle the challenges of today's complex global business environment.


    • Integrative Experience and Experimental Learning

      The programme provides integrative experience and experimental learning through the application of multi-disciplinary knowledge and analyzing the impact of decisions and actions on various stake holders.


    • Innovative thinking for Effective Decision Making

      The Programme prepares students to demonstrate awareness about the economic, ecological, political, legal and regulatory aspects of global business practices. The students acquire strategic and innovative thinking skills to enable effective decision making and problem solving in complex and uncertain condition.


    • Analytical Thinking

      The Programme aims at developing a student's intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and practical education. It seeks to develop students as analytical and rigorous thinkers so that they are able to apply the concepts learnt to all pertinent issues that affect an organization's performance and effectiveness.


    • Industry Exposure

      The Programme exposes students to the diverse area of application of knowledge in business firms and industrial organizations and enables them to gain the practical knowledge in order to be globally competent.


    • Team Building

      The programme prepared students to work effectively in a team based environment, persuade and influence others to work collectively for a common goal.


    • Blended Learning

      Throughout the management programme, students gain valuable insight and skills from class room, lectures, case studies, conferences, industrial visits and guest lectures delivered by industry professionals and leading academicians from across the world through various teaching methods and platforms.


    • Possess in-depth subject knowledge and proficiency in managerial skills for employment and future career development and long life learning.


    • Develop level of competence along with a holistic approach for designing and implementing innovative solutions to deal with complexities of the modern business world.


    • Adapt to rapidly changing environment by nurturing the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship while giving a sense of direction to future business.


    • Develop level of competence along with a holistic approach for designing and implementing innovative solutions to deal with complexities of the modern business world.


    • Possess in-depth subject knowledge and proficiency in managerial skills for employment and future career development and long life learning.


    • Effective Leadership

      To equip the students with requisite knowledge, skills & right attitude necessary to provide effective leadership in a global environment.


    • Proactive Thinking

      To develop proactive thinking so as to perform effectively in the dynamic socio-economic and business ecosystem.


    • Entrepreneurial Development

      To develop competent entrepreneurial and management professionals with strong ethical values, capable of performing a pivotal role in various sectors, aligned with the national as well as international priorities


    Financial Assistance

    K.R. Mangalam University partnered with the leading banks to help you to finance your dream course through Education Loan. You only have to start repaying one year after finishing your course or six months after you get a job.

    • Quick and Instant

    • Availability of the loan across the country

    • Includes tuition fees, books cost, hostel fees, airfare.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Certainly, our MBA programme includes a strong practical component, with opportunities for real-world business projects, internships, case studies, and research initiatives, offering hands-on experience in the diverse realms of business management.

    MBA graduates have various paths for further studies, such as pursuing specialized Master’s programmes in areas like Finance, Marketing, or Human Resources, or even a Ph.D. in Management for in-depth research in a chosen field.

    The university actively supports MBA student research by providing access to state-of-the-art business research facilities, expert faculty guidance, and opportunities to participate in business conferences and workshops.

    Certainly, students are strongly encouraged to participate in various national and international business conferences, seminars, and workshops, which provide them with exposure to the latest industry developments and networking opportunities with business professionals.

    The programme employs diverse teaching methodologies, including interactive lectures, case studies, group discussions, workshops, and project-based learning, ensuring a thorough grasp of both theoretical and practical business concepts.

    The curriculum is consistently updated to reflect the latest trends and innovations in the business world, such as digital marketing strategies, global financial management, and sustainable business practices, preparing students for the dynamic nature of the business sector.

    Yes, students are encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities like business clubs, case competitions, and seminars, which supplement classroom learning and offer practical application opportunities.

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